Day 31: Child’s Meadow RV, Mill Creek, CA


It was cold again this morning, 32F, and we were anticipating a long day and a big climb. Ate breakfast and broke camp, got on the road around 8:30 and 39F. We started the day below 4000 feet in elevatio... Read More

Day 30: Rancheria RV Park, Hat Creek, CA


Boy was it cold when we got up this morning, just a little above freezing. That wasn’t what Pam expected, so she hadn’t put on all her thermals last night, so getting up to go to the bathroom was mor... Read More

Day 29: Fowler Campground


Breakfast at the hotel was typical hotel food: scrambled eggs, sausage, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, bagels and cream cheese, hot coffee, juice. We ate all of it. Oh, isn’t that what YOU normally eat at bre... Read More

Day 28: Yreka, CA


We were camped next to a tiny little creek and through the night got to hear the various creatures that lived near it, bugs chirping, frogs croaking, and owls hooting. Some pleasant sounds to hear as you... Read More

Day 27: Ashland, OR.


Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise over Willow Lake. The air was crisp, but it wasn’t as cold as it has been the last few mornings. Sunrise keeps coming later, and later, and since we don’t ... Read More

Day 26: Willow Lake County Park, OR


Last night and this morning we realized that we had found the ancestral homelands of daddy long leg spiders. They were everywhere, on us, on our tent, everywhere. At least they aren’t real spiders. We ... Read More

Day 25: Farewell Bend Campground


We had no idea starting out today that it would be perfection. Instead all we knew was that we were happy to be starting out from our hotel warm because it was 32F outside and foggy. Rolling out on to hi... Read More

Day 23: Crater Lake Junction


It rained pretty much all night, and the temperature dropped quite low. I (Pam) was hoping it would quit raining by morning, but no such luck. At 6:30, I got up to go to the bathroom, and had to put on m... Read More

Day 22: North Davis Creek Campground


It’s always interesting sleeping in a hotel for a few nights. Everything gets spread out, and it seems to take longer to pack it all up in the morning than when camping. Thank goodness breakfast on the... Read More

Day 21: Rest Day, Bend, OR


Met up today with Pam's friend Erin and her boyfriend (afraid to misspell his name) for brunch. We had a good time catching up and enjoyed some great breakfast food. Then we walked over to REI to pick up... Read More

Day 19: Bend, OR


A pretty normal night and morning. We obviously are in a different climate now, the air is much drier and the inside of our tent had zero condensation due to it. After our jaunt off-route yesterday we de... Read More

Day 18: Sisters, OR


Day 18: Sisters, OR It was a nice quiet night in the campground and we got on to the road with a cool 45F air temp. Today was our climb up the North Santiam River and then on to the Santiam Pass. We rode... Read More

Day 17: Riverside Campground, OR


Well good morning to you Mr. Logging Dudes, didn’t expect you guys to start your work at 3am this morning. Nothing like the sound of serious logging machinery going to wake you up in the morning. In sp... Read More

Day 16: Summit Lake


I’m sitting here at our little oasis, a Forest Service campground in the middle of nowhere, that had no signs pointing to it, so if you didn’t know it was here, you’d never find it. We arrived here... Read More

Day 15: Sherwood Campground


Today started off well, with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon, with yogurt. We packed up all our stuff and headed out a little after 8. Our goal was to make it as far past Parkdale as possible, u... Read More

Day 14: Cascade Locks Rest Day


Today we did the normal housekeeping for bicycle touring on a day to rest the legs. Laundry, drying/airing out all the camping gear, generally eating as much as possible and getting easily distracted by ... Read More

Day 13: Cascade Locks, OR


Day 13: Cascade Locks, OR Well as expected the motorcycle group turned out to be extremely loud and rude. You know you are a hardcore when at 11:30pm you’re belting out singing to Taylor Swift and roll... Read More

Day 12: Eagle Cliffs Campground


Woke up to a forecast of 50% chance of showers for the day. As we ate breakfast it started sprinkling and we decided to dress up in our rain gear from head to toe to stay dry. We rode into Randle to do s... Read More

Day 11: Packwood


It started raining at some point during the night, so Matt had to get up and make sure all our panniers were closed up tight, and our seat covers were on our bikes. It didn’t rain much, and everything ... Read More

Day 10: Windy Point Campground


Day 10: Windy Point Campground Well, thank goodness for cold medicine. Pam had a wonderful night’s sleep with help, but Matt had an awful time trying to sleep. Breakfast was complimentary, we loaded up... Read More

Day 9: Ellensburg, WA


Day 9: Ellensburg We stayed up last night watching an episode of “Supergirl,” before turning in for the night. As is our habit, we woke up around 6:30, but didn’t want to wake up our roommates, so ... Read More

Day 8: Dryden, WA


Started off the day with a beautiful sunrise over Lake Chelan. Then for entertainment we got to watch these tiny squirrels run around chasing each other and picking up tree nuts while we ate breakfast an... Read More

Day 7: Chelan Lake State Park


After promising to sleep in this morning, we did exactly what we always do and woke up at the same time: 6:30. We took our time, and had a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes, packed up, and hit the r... Read More

Day 5: Twisp, WA


Woke up this morning to a brisk 39F. Neither Pam or Matt were feeling very good but knew we needed to get down into a town for supplies. We bundled up with plenty of layers for the downhill ride into Maz... Read More

Day 4: Lone Fir Campground


Day 4: Newhalem Campground to Lone Fir Campground A wonderfully quiet night led to some great sleep, and we woke up early to some coolish temperatures (low 40s). It was surprisingly quiet considering the... Read More

Day 3: Newhalem Campground


Last night we heard some elk bugling and owls who'ing, but it was a quiet night besides the wildlife. We got off to a very late start at around 9:30. It was 50 something and sunny. The ride out of the st... Read More

Day 1: Bellingham to Silver Lake County Park


What a day! We had a good night’s sleep with our host E & R. When woke up we said good bye to E and grabbed our bicycle suitcases and walked the mile to the FedEx store. Bellingham seems to have qu... Read More

Day -2: Packing Up


Hello all! Today we broke down Matt's bike and packed it into the suitcase. Here is a time lapse we took of the process: We also got everything packed up and ready to put on the airplane. We are flyin... Read More

Getting Ready to go


Here we are getting ready to go. Journal is up. Our past adventures: New Zealand Souther Tier USA Pacific Coast USA... Read More

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